Confidential Shredding Services:

We know how important it is to properly handle sensitive information entrusted to you and your company by customers, employees, clients and patients. It is crucial that all confidential files, records, documents, and media is disposed of properly, using a company that follows strict policies, procedures, and protocol.

All material is removed in, alarmed, self-locking, and GPS tracked vehicles. NAID requires that personnel undergo rigorous background checks, including controlled substance, Cori, DMV, Credit & Criminal checks for your added security. In addition our site is equipped with 24 hour surveillance, access control, and unannounced NAID audits.

Scheduled pickups, on call services & one time purges

Our NAID “AAA” certified shredding facility can accommodate any size business, from trailer load quantity to a single box. We securely shred paper, media, x-rays, and off-spec products. When applicable all material is recycled following the destruction process, and a Certificate of Destruction forwarded to the client.

Secure Shred Bins

We provide secure locked 32, 64, and 96 gallon storage containers. We advise all clients to use our containers for all confidential and non-confidential documents, eliminating any possibility of sensitive information ending up in your trash bin, and in the wrong hands. Containers are for paper only, (there is no need to pull staples, paperclips, temporary clips etc…). Dedicated containers for “non-paper” items can be provided.

Media & E-waste Destruction

We offer all types of media destruction including hard drives, media tapes, CD’s, towers, printers/copiers, fax machines, phones, medical equipment and more. We provide a Certificate of Destruction and a serial number log on all hard drives for your records. Northeast Data Destruction, a division of Miller Recycling Corporation, follows strict guidelines assuring clients their material is properly recycled following the destruction process.

Drop off & witnessing

Northeast Data Destruction also welcomes all residential and businesses to deliver their material to our facility. We allow the witnessing of this destruction process with a pre scheduled appointment.

Northeast Data Destruction operates in a solar powered shredding and recycling facility located in the Cabot Business Park in Mansfield, MA. To view our solar power generation CLICK HERE .

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All Clients are supplied with a Certificate of Destruction, providing you with a permanent record of the secure destruction process.


Contact Us: 800-783-6766

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