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For over 70 years Miller Recycling has helped find solutions to recycling and solid waste related problems. We provide answers, through waste reduction, recycling, and implementation of efficient processing systems.

Our professional management team has the industry experience necessary to properly provide you with the proposal you desire. From marketing, brokerage, transportation to equipment design and installation, we are the choice for overall service. We also own and operate a high capacity processing facility, equipped with vehicle scales, baling systems, loading docks, and full rail car siding.

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Solutions by Market

Miller Recycling Corporation not only custom designs recycling programs specifically tailored to the needs of each client, but eliminates the need to coordinate programs with outside brokers and equipment suppliers.

Our experts believe that a recycling operation should be adapted to normal routines, and not cause radical shifts in operations. Our representatives will conduct thorough audits of each facility to determine the volume and categories of recyclable waste that is produced.

Following a careful analysis, we will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective method of recycling and/or disposal, with corresponding on site equipment.

Our consultants will assist you with organizing your recycling program, train personnel, and provide the complete installation of any required material handle equipment.

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We will help you study your waste stream, minimize disposal costs, and maximize the value of your recoverable material. These materials can include all grades of recyclable paper, metals, plastics and more.

We apply the experienced gained in assisting hundreds of companies to help you achieve your desired results.

It is common knowledge that landfill and incineration are disposal options that are not as cost effective as recycling, nor do they make environmental or economic sense.

If you are currently generating material that you are interested in recycling, or would like a quote or proposal to assist you with increasing the value or efficiency of your operation – please fill out our online service request form or contact us at 1-800-783-6766, and speak directly to one of our Recycling Specialists.

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Our goal is to meet the needs of the client while providing professional customer service. The structure of our recycling programs varies from location to location based on the needs of each individual facility.

Miller Recycling Corporation is a family owned third generation company. Our processing facility includes a high bay warehouse, high production baling systems, is equipped with an on-site truck scales, floor scales, loading docks, full railroad siding, maintenance area, office facilities, conference room and more. From this location we operate our fleet of tractors and roll offs, including over 300 trailers and roll off containers.

To all our current customers: We thank you for your support. To all our others we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

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Resource Lab

Northeast Data Destruction is our NAID "AAA" Certified secure document and product destruction division. The following are some important Policy facts regarding confidential information for Companies and Individuals.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the World. Approximately, 18.8 million Americans (one in twenty adults) have been victimized by identity theft as of April 2009, according to research. Credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, date of birth, and other personal identification can net criminals thousands of dollars in a very short period of time.

Every business has information that requires destruction. Recycling is not an adequate alternative for secure information destruction. A "Certificate Of Destruction" does not relieve a Company from its obligation to keep information confidential. Insist on NAID "AAA" Certification!

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Request a free no cost survey of your facility, and a complete detailed recycling and equipment proposal.

We also offer equipment free of charge to clients that qualify for our contracted "Recycling Reimbursement Program." Please contact us for details.

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Insist on NAID "AAA" Certification!

Northeast Data Destruction provides secure and confidentail shredding of your files, documents, tapes, CD's, media, hard drives, and off spec products. From a single box to multiple trailer loads - we are equiped to professionally destroy these materials.

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Secure Shredding by Professional Personnel.

Our company operates a secure site which is dedicated to the destruction and shredding of all types of confidential materials. This facility is equipped with full access control, 24 hour video with 90 day recording, full alarm with 3rd party and independent compliance monitoring. We are NAID "AA" Certified!

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